The great Abra river (top view from one of the highest points)Waterfalls found along the way to Mt. Balingkilat, ZambalesWith the Aeta children in San Marcelino, ZambalesAeta community in Lawin, San Marcelino, ZambalesNagsasa Cove, San Antonio, ZambalesMagnificent Reefs in AbraWonderful sights!Nagsasa, San Antonio, ZambalesAs we were in the boat in Ipo Dam on our way to the Dumagat tribes in Sapang Munti, I saw this small waterfall, so i took took a photo of it


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Our primary and basic service is education. We educate through non-formal systems. Here are the levels of education for different indigenous peoples' groups :

 * Children - pre-school education and free tutorials for children ages 4 to 12.

 * Youth - alternative learning system for the out-of-school youth, and vocational courses for those who are interested to qualify as skilled workers.


 * Adults - basic literacy program ( reading and writing )

 Other forms of education

 * Health and wellness program - the introduction of natural healing through proper nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, with the addition of information on alternative herbal medicine and some natural ways of self-healing / therapy.

 * Farming trainings and workshops - the introduction of natural farming principles and techniques that would help the environment to survive the decays of commercial fertilizers and pesticides.

 * Human Rights education - the indigenous peoples rights to self-governance and protection of their ancestral domains and territories

 * Counselling - to share conflict-resolution techniques that will help resolve some tribal troubles or problems.

 * Livelihood programs - enhance the natural ability of the tribes in creating handicrafts from indigenous materials and helping them to market their products to the world.

 * Feeding programs - this would enable the tribes to help their own people by disciplining themselves to feed their children with the correct nutritional program that will be advised by the nutritionist or doctors. There is a six month feeding program that will be implemented for malnourished children.

 * Enhancement programs - for the naturally gifted indigenous people who will be given the chance to improve their skills, giftings and talents. ( promotion of different tribal/cultural dances and songs, improvement of weaving,painting and carving,etc.)

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