The great Abra river (top view from one of the highest points)Waterfalls found along the way to Mt. Balingkilat, ZambalesWith the Aeta children in San Marcelino, ZambalesAeta community in Lawin, San Marcelino, ZambalesNagsasa Cove, San Antonio, ZambalesMagnificent Reefs in AbraWonderful sights!Nagsasa, San Antonio, ZambalesAs we were in the boat in Ipo Dam on our way to the Dumagat tribes in Sapang Munti, I saw this small waterfall, so i took took a photo of it



WELCOME to Itacder! We are educating the tribes about their ancestral rights, how to protect and nurture it, without losing their tribal culture. We hope to help them enhance and cultivate their belief in a sovereign Almighty to preserve the world and the environment around them.


Transformed tribal communities with preserved tribal culture and restored tribal environment


To enlighten the indigenous peoples to revere and love God by caring, cultivating and nurturing their own ancestral domains and all resources found therein shall serve as the material bases of their cultural integrity. As transformation takes place in their lives and communities they will in turn reach out to others tribes and encourage them do the same.



1.To encourage the indigenous peoples to acknowledge and revere God as the sole Creator and Ultimate source of everything.

2. To redeem the natural habitat of indigenous peoples through re-forestation and vegetation.

3.To engage in public awareness raising on indigenous peoples' rights using non-formal education system,community education including women's rights and children's rights.

4.To equip and empower the tribes to self-determination, self-sufficiency and self-worth as indigenous peoples.

5.To promote and market indigenous handicrafts that will improve sustainable livelihood for the tribes.

6.To improve tribal farming techniques by using the natural farming principles.

7.To promote health education and good nutrition by establishing herbal gardens and vegetable plantations in every home.

8.To ally or network with other organizations that aim to preserve indigenous cultures and restore environment.


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